Monday, June 29, 2009

David and Rayanne leading the way in the Video Letter Project..

June 29, 2009
Friday/Saturday Luta Pela Paz

You really never know what to expect when you arrive at Passarela Nove and Avenida Brazil. The streets are hot on Friday's in Mare. Fridays are when Favelas usually have Baile Funk parties where a lot drug dealing take place. Everyone knows this; especially the police and you always see them patrolling the streets. We came with the hopes of continuing our filming outside Luta Pela Paz and within the Complexo de Mare. However, we got word early that things weren't too safe so we couldn't film outside of the walls of Luta Pela Paz. We made the best of our situation and the kids did a great job filming the staff of Luta Pela Paz as well as boxing classes.

It's funny, while we clearly hear gunshots from M-3's and AK-47s 3 blocks away; the kids are only focused on the lesson plan we've prepared for them. They are extremely focused while violence is going on so close to home. It's also really pleasing because it means that they see what we are teaching them as much more interesting than what’s going on outside.

Saturday, I had an interview with Luke Downey founder of Luta Pela Paz. During the interview Luke talked about how the filming of the video card is not only having an effect on the kids, but the staff as well. They did a great job filming the staff at Luta Pela Paz. They went around and had each member introduce themselves and their position. It was pretty awesome. They held it like an interview and asked the staff members why they are doing what they are doing. They are really taking control of this project. Luke explained after the kids filmed that scene how many of the staff members were in tears. They’re so proud of them and know this is a rare opportunity for them. It was great to hear that coming from the founder of Luta Pela Paz.
So while the day in Mare started off on a violent note, what went on in Luta Pela Paz had a greater impact on everyone’s day.

Joel Malebranche
New School University, New York

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  1. Oi, vocês colocaram minha imagem nossa estou me sentindo poderoso com a fotogrofia do sapo!!
    Realmente gosto muito de filmar!